Sunday, 4 September 2011

Theory of Computer Science Lecture-4

This is my 4th lecture in the series of Theory of Computer Science/Autamata Theory. Previously I published three lectures those are Theory of Computer Science Lecture-1 and Theory of Computer Science Lecture-2 , Theory of Computer Science Lecture-3 . In those  lectures I discuss many topics that are necessary to understand what is Theory of Computer Science is? So, in this lecture I discuss about Text

Friday, 26 August 2011

Theory of Computer Science Lecture-3

I'm here with the third lecture on Theory of Computer Science or Automata Theory series. Previously I published two lectures in this series Theory of Computer Science Lecture-1 and Theory of Computer Science Lecture-2 . In previous lecture I discuss many things like DFA, NFA etc. So, in this lecture I discuss about NFA to DFA conversion and Regular Expression. So, here I give you the direct Download link of this Lecture feel free to ask any question about it, via commenting below post.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Theory of Computer Science Lecture-2

I am back with my lecture notes on Theory of Computer Science. In my previous post  Theory of Computer Science Lecture-1 I discussed many topics in brief  but here I discuss the NFA Non deterministic finite Automata. Through this lecture you clear your many myths about NFA. So, here I give you the direct Download link of this Lecture feel free to ask any question about it, via commenting below post.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Latest & Best Free iPad Apps

iPad is the latest product of Apple and one of the  most successful tablet computers in the market since the device was launched.It runs on the same mobile operating system called iOS, as the iPhone and most apps that are designed for the iPhone would work correctly on the iPad.And they work even better on the larger screen of the iPad when it optimized correctly. In Apple’s App Store, there are now more than 300 hundred thousand commercial and free apps available for download. But here we only select the best from the free ones that work best on your iPad.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Latest Free Android Apps

Android is a Operating System or Software Stack for mobile telephones and tablet computers developed by Google Inc and the Open Handset Alliance. Android Apps are software (or small applications) designed for running on the Android Operating System. Now a days the android platform is very popular among cellphones, tablets and other media devices. Since Android was introduced, more than Half of million Android apps have been developed and available for download from the Android Market—the online software store hosted by Google—but not all are


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