Saturday, 25 June 2011

Facebook Safety Tips Centre

1). Do Not Download Any Software Who Promises You That It Can Hack Any FB A/c or Can Hack PayPal or Any Other Mail Id's, Can Give Free Recharge, Etc...

2). Do Not Accept Unknown Applications Or Do Not Allow Them To Gain Access With Your Account.

3). Make Your Password Strong Like:- "1234567890@!$%*abcde" Use Three of The Things In Your Password Number's, Symbols & Alphabets.

4). Do Not Put The Same Password In Your FB Account As You Have In Your Mail Id.

5). Try To Make Your Password As Long As You Can

(I Have 32 Digit of My Password) An Ya Off-course Not Guessable By Anyone.

6). Do Not Paste Any JavaScript In Your Browser Who Promises You That you Can Change Your Profile Theme or Etc...

7). Always Remember To Check The Site Name Before Login In Your Browser.
Site Name Should Be or Do Not Login If The Site Name Is or or Else. It's A Phishing Page Or Attack.

8). Always Choose/Select Your Security Question Which Are Not Guessable By Anyone.

9). Try To Change Your Password In Every 15 Days (If You Don't Feel That Your Account Is Safe).

10). Keep Your Computer UpDate(Up-to-Date) And Use Latest Register & Updated Anti-Virus and Internet Security.

11). If You Are On Public Computer (i.e. in cyber cafe, school or office computers) Always Remember To Delete Browser Cookies.

12). Change Your IP Address In Every 10-15 Days.

That's All This Tutorial Is Written in Basic English Language So That Noob Can Understand This Tutorial Very Well.

-If You Feel That This Tutorial Helps You Then Like It Or Post Your Comments For Any Doubts.

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