Monday, 20 June 2011

How To Get the Facebook Email Account with

Facebook announced a new revolution: the development of messages. We can choose how to communicate (SMS, chat or message) and everything will be grouped in the newly introduced "social inbox", e-mail/social Facebook. All users will be given an address which will be the new email for any type of social communication. But it is little bit confusing. They said It’s NOT actually an email, but a communication system consisting Seamless Messaging, Conversation
History and Social Inbox. OK let me simplify this: They are combining Texts, chat and email together in one simple conversation called “Messages” which will enable simple, real-time messaging. Most likely it will be possible to import email from our previous e-mail service (like Gmail, Hotmail, Free, etc.) in order to have all conversation in one place at Facebook.
  •     Get Facebook messages, chats and texts all in the same place.
  •     Control who can send you messages through your privacy settings.
  •     See everything you’ve ever discussed with each friend as a single conversation.
  •     No need for subject lines or other formalities.
  •     Easily leave large conversations that no longer interest you.
  •     Messages from unknown senders and bulk email go into the Other folder .

Let’s see how to register the address

  • Below the link of custom page set up by Facebook which enables users to upgrade their messaging system.           
  • And Follow the steps below as given in Pictures:-

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