Monday, 11 July 2011

Blogger's New Design

Now Google is going to launch Blogger new design. New design is not found in but  who really want to see the new design, you may find it at  because there Blogger adds the new features before they completly launch it.
I cannot confirm you that you will see the new design  because it may be closed ,So you can wait for a week or month to see the new design.  The new design contains all the features in a simpler manner way so that you can do as much as you can fast. For detail about new design of Blogger continue reading . New look is seemed to as:
In the New blogger when you log in you will see all your blogs in the main dashboard . There are two sub sections  that first contain your blog & second contain updates of your followed blogs. The Dashboard starts with blog -overview as shown following, where you can see the amount of pageviews you have got in the recent days. And also it contain latest update,news from blogger,Recent Blogs of Note and Blogger Guide. And in the left side menu consists of following:


Now in the Post editor you will see a new page which is totally designed for writing and editing the posts . The top bar contains editing options, the left bar contains post settings and the middle space is for writing the posts. It look very attractive ,you can see it below:                                         
This new design to Blogger is now very user friendly so that all the works and modifications work easier. The New Settings are totally well to give  easy of customization by dividing the settings in 5 categories. But the Template Designer is still available in the previous design which gives us customize our blog’s design easily. Finally the new design of Blogger is Fantastic and features are set well so there is no any problem to find them.

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