Saturday, 2 July 2011

Google+ Replacement for Facebook or The HardLuck of Google

Recently you may have seen the mysterious black bar appearing on the top of You weren't in dream. It was the sign to show something very big Google+. What is Google+ ? Answer is It is the top -secret social project of Google ever have. We all know about that "Among the most basic of human needs is the need to connect with others". We want to connect with others every single day with a smile.Today, the connections between people increases due to internet and online Social Networking sites. But
the real-world interactions are lost in the rigidness of our online tools. In this basic way, Google  want to make better by including you, your relationships, and your interests. Rather then like to bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to software.
And so begins the Google+ project:

+Circles: share what matters, only with the people who matter most

In the social networking sites we share things among our friend list. But in real life we share things with our friends, buddies, another with parents, and almost nothing with our boss. Because in present day the all relations are wrap in "friend" paper.

Sense: we brought Circles to software. Just make a circle, add your people, and share what’s new—just like any other day.

+Sparks: for conversation

Online conversation inspire sharing, and we’ve all got one (or two, or three...). It’s on any topic like Blogger, Make Money Online, SEO, or fashion, but the attraction is always the same: it comes up in conversation, we immediately jump in, and we share back and forth with other fans. Internet is the Ocean of great content from daily articles to latest photos and videos. And great content can always lead to great conversations. Google noticed, that it’s still too hard to find and share the things we care about—not without lots of work, and lots of noise. So, Google built an online sharing engine called Sparks. Simply add your interests, and you’ll always have something to watch, read and share—with just the right circle of friends.

+Hangouts: say hello face-to-face

With Google+ you can make on-screen gatherings fun, fluid and serendipitous, so Google created Hangouts. By combining the casual meetup with live multi-person video, Hangouts lets you stop by when you're free, and spend time with your Circles. Face-to-face.

+Mobile: share instantly without any hassle 
with Google+ you can (like GPS, cameras, and messaging) make your pocket computer even more personal.

With Google+ you can add your location to every post. (Or not. It’s always up to you.)

+Instant Upload: 
In this feature Google+ adds your photos to a private album in the cloud with your permission, This way they're always available across your devices—ready to share as you see fit.

Google+ includes Huddle, a group messaging experience that lets everyone inside the circle know what's going on, right this second.

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