Sunday, 10 July 2011

Link your Facebook account with Twitter

Facebook is a free service that helps you to connect and share with your friends and people in your life. But there is also a competitor named Twitter, as we know Facebook provides lots of more features then Facebook.You can upload unlimited number of photos,Share links as you want &many such things possible. Facebook provides update your status as Twitter. Now you an link Twitter to your Facebook account so that your tweets show automatically in your Facebook account. Here is the process how can you link your face book account with you twitter account :-

log in to your Facebook account and goto application named twitter then you will go to  a page shown below.

Then click on the button "Go To App". Then you will redirected to page show below-

Login with your Twitter username and Password.

After entering usernae and password  allow Twitter to update you Facebook status

Finally your Facebook account will be connected to your Twitter account . If you like this then share it with your friends.

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