Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Theory of Computer Science Lecture-1

Today I started a Series of Notes on the topic Theory of Computer science it also known as Automata Theory or Theory of computation. This is the first lecture on this topic. But I tried hard to write this post because this topic is the toughest one So,if any one find any error then please inform me via comment. In future I also start the video series on it still I am working on it. You can get the other Notes on my Student Zone page.

In this lecture I covered the following topics -

1.   The laws of computation
2.   Automata theory
3.   Different kinds of automata
4.   Some highlights of the course
5.   Preliminaries of automata theory
6.   Languages
7.   Examples of languages
8.   Finite Automata
9.   Example of a finite automaton
10. Deterministic finite automata
11. Language of a DFA
12. Solved Examples 

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